The forensic-register is a forensic case management application with an integrated laboratory information management system (LIMS) which supports accreditation requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and AS 5388. The forensic-register is the dominant forensic case file management application across policing jurisdictions in Australia and has been in active use and development for over 20 years. It allows for storage of all forensic case information including evidence recording and collection, forensic examinations and reviews, digital image capture and retention, storage of digital files, diagrams, examination and analysis results into a single case file record. Integration with instrumentation, analytical and interpretative software allows for efficient and accurate reporting of results for clients. It includes performance monitoring and management of workflows through a range of highly effective reporting, performance and quality assurance aids.

Key Features

Forensic Informatics is essential to modern policing and investigation generally.[1] BdnaTec's team of business analysts, engineers and forensic subject matter experts work closely with law enforcement and forensic laboratories to improve forensic service delivery through accurate, timely analysis and the rapid dissemination of forensic results and intelligence.

[1] Troy O’Malley (2015) Forensic Informatics Enabling Forensic Intelligence, Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences, 47:1, 27-35, DOI: 10.1080/00450618.2014.922618

Case Management

The forensic-register is a single, flexible, forensic platform that supports highly efficient field and laboratory based activities.

Crime Scene Workflows

The forensic-register provides mobile capture and transfer of forensic evidence to expert support services, enabling the production of rapid intelligence that often results in suspect nominations and identifications whilst at the crime scene to accurately direct investigations.
crime scene collage

DNA Workflows

The forensic-register provides digital, paperless DNA workflows within a single application from crime scene collection to laboratory DNA analysis, resulting in efficient identification of offenders and forensic intelligence linkages.

Fingerprint Workflows

The forensic-register utilises completely digital fingerprint workflows from crime scene capture to expert comparison resulting in efficient identification of offenders and forensic intelligence linkages.
fingerprint collection

Chemistry Workflows

The forensic-register provides digital, paperless chemistry workflows within a single application from crime scene collection to laboratory chemical analysis, resulting in efficient reporting of results and forensic intelligence linkages.

Exhibit Management

The forensic-register includes ‘end to end’ exhibit management ensuring continuity of evidence and integrity of results through the entire examination workflow.
exhibit management collage

Performance Management and Statistics

The forensic-register manages and reports the performance of individuals, facilities and organisations using real time data, tracking common operational activities and organisational reporting elements across all forensic capabilities.


The forensic-register mines digitally captured data, aiding in the proactive identification of trends, links and networks from which operational intelligence can be derived.
forensic register intelligence on iPad

Personnel Management

The forensic-register maintains a searchable database to easily identify suitably authorised and available personnel for operational taskings and professional development opportunities.

Equipment and Supplies

The forensic-register tracks suppliers and service providers and integrates traceability of forensic supplies and equipment used within forensic casework, to ensure the quality and integrity of results.
equipment for the forensic register

Quality and Compliance

The forensic-register’s integrated quality management system incorporates auditing compliance and monitoring tools to identify and manage non-conformance issues at the earliest opportunity, ensuring continued accreditation against national and international standards.
standards and forensic register logos

Mobile Ready

The forensic-register can be deployed on any device supporting efficient field and laboratory based activities. Acquisition of field data using mobile connected devices, including images and notes, further increases the efficiencies of the inbuilt digital workflows and reduces risks by minimising equipment required in the field.
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Data Security

Bdna considers information and cyber security as one of our highest priorities. Bdna is a recognised Microsoft Partner and utilises Microsoft Azure (IRAP Assessed) Secure Data Centres. The forensic-register has a system architecture which is compliant with the Australian Government Information Security Manual to the level of Protected and has been used by state and national level government organisations for nearly 20 years.

IAFS 2023 Sponsor

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Bdna is proud of its long history enabling digital transformation in the Australian forensic science community. Our sponsorship of the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society International Symposium and our commitment to sponsor the joint ANZFSS IAFS in 2023, reflects not only our commitment to forensic science but our vision; to enable outcomes which benefit the community.

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